“It was His Hand and His Choir from the beginning and always has been.” The first meeting was at the Magalei home in Orem, Utah and there were probably 8 people in attendance (most were roommates). From that meeting, I could feel the spirit of this new unnamed choir. Some ground rules were set. First of all, we wanted to allow anyone and everyone to sing because we had learned that there were people in the Salt Lake Valley who eager to participate and were willing to travel. We also decided that this new choir would allow members to exercise their talents by conducting music, writing and teaching their own music and accompanying the choir at the piano – really just a place for our testimonies to build through song. And from there it took off! Our first choir rehearsal was an AWAKENING. It was also the first time that our Salt Lake Valley brothers and sisters had come to join us. Since we were so new I had decided to teach “You’ve Been Called To Serve.” I had taught this song to many choirs, even to non-English Marseilles speakers on my mission. But that day as I tried to teach parts and create harmony, I and others in the choir felt like we were getting no where. It was so discouraging. Someone had even announced that they had put together a fireside for us in three weeks. For myself, I learned I needed to teach different and think different and especially be humble. Within a short period of time, we all came together and started singing in sweet harmony.

I testify to you that this is our Heavenly Father’s choir. This choir is to help each of us in strengthening our convictions of our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ and Their restored gospel. The only church attendance or feeling of the Holy Ghost some of us may get in our lives is within that choir practice hour. We may not feel comfortable to stand up and speak our testimony at the pulpit but we feel at ease singing it in a solo or along with our Divine Heritage brothers and sisters.  Beautiful, beautiful music has been written by choir members. I never thought I could write music, I never thought that I was good enough or talented enough. One night we were asked to sing at the Genesis Branch. When I heard the way they sang praises I finally felt inspired to write out my feelings on paper. The song ‘Arise and Believe’ was written because of the inspiration I felt at that fireside, because of my own personal trials and especially because of my admiration for the Savior. This song may have never been written if I had not been a member of the Divine Heritage Choir and felt the Spirit at that fireside.
To the old members – I love and respect each of you, your lives have touched mine for good. Thank you for calling me – friend. To the new members, continue the legacy and let love lead the way. Remember, this Choir has and always will be an instrument in His hands – when all things are done in righteousness. Live worthy to be able to stand and sing that others will feel of His love and His spirit and Your testimony. Live what you sing! With great love and admiration Talalupelele Niutupuivaha (DH First President)